Description Price
Set of 2 Balloons weighted with matching coloured ribbons £2.50
Set of 3 balloons weighted with matching coloured ribbons £3.50
10 sets of 3 or more £3.20 per set
Set of 4 balloons £4.50
10 sets or more £4.20 per set
Set of 5 balloons £5.50
10 sets or more £5.20 per set
Add led lights to balloon sets £1.00 per light
New baby or Christening dummy £2.50 each
10 0r more £2.30 each
Set of 2 + dummy £5.00 each
10 or more £4.50 each
Floating flowers £6.50 each
Set of 2 floating flowers £12.00
Set of 3 floating flowers £15.00
Single arches from £10.00
Wishbone arches from £30.00
Add Loops joining each balloon from £6.00
Columns – spiral arches – heart frames and walk through arches prices available on request
Large numbers or letters £8.50 each
Large numbers or letters £15.50 a pair

Large numbers or letters

£7.50 each for 3 or more
Add columns for £7.00 per balloon
Add small bases for £4.00 per balloon
Cloud 9 (Single) £17.00
Cloud 9 – 3 interlinking clouds £45.00
Add foil balloons to the cloud top from £2.00
Add deco bubbles to the cloud top from £4.00
36” gum balls (3’ balloon with little balloons inside) £26.00
36” balloon with balloons and organza at the base(Lollipop) £20.00
36” personalised Star foil balloons for Birthday £12.50
Personalised 18” foil balloons £5.50
Everyday foil balloons from £3.00
Large shaped foil balloons (super shapers) from £6.50
3'tall air walkers price on request


Click here for Wedding Balloon Packages
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“All sets of balloons come in a choice of colours and patterns to suit your occasion and colour scheme, I DO NOT charge extra for patterned balloons”

To see the colour options available to you please visit my balloon colour chart page.

For details on Delivery Charges click here and Payment Options click here.



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